Members of anarchist group enter the German ambassador’s house – intervention in support of the refugees (video)



Members of the anarchist group “Rouvikonas” came into the yard of German ambassador’s residence in Greece on Wednesday the 25th of November. The ambassador’s residence in Chalandri was also the target of terrorist attacks in the past. The supporters of “Rouvikonas” climbed up the fence, threw flyers and hanged a banner in support of the refugees on the outside wall. The police brought in for questioning seven people.

“Rouvikonas” is an anti-authoritarian group that has been engaged in such actions also in the past, such as entering into the Parliament’s yard, the premises of the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund (TAIPED), the ANEL (Independent Greeks) party offices and elsewhere.

The present action of activism happened, as they say, since “the German state, as leading country in the EU, is burdened with the biggest part of the responsibility for creating the refugees’ crisis in the first place.”

“Rouvikonas”’s announcement

A crocodile tear ran down Europe’s cheek in the face of the refugee crisis…

During the last days, we witnessed events and happenings that, if it were not for human lives, would be literally ridiculous. We saw the statements of European officers, ministers and prime ministers who told us how much they care and sympathize with the people’s pain.

We witnessed an Orwellian propaganda referring to “hotspots” and “welcome centres”, when they actually meant concentration camps. We saw detailed news reports on the mainstream media laundering the coastguard, showing their allegedly courageous efforts to save refugees from drowning. It is the same coastguard that for years now has been responsible for push-backs and ramming of ships, for all kind of torturing and humiliation of people struggling to escape the hell the “civilized West” caused in their homeland. We saw the “heroic negotiator”, Prime Minister A. Tsipras, accompanied by the President of the European Parliament M. Schulz, delivering tearful speeches on the refugees’ crisis.

Moreover, in addition to all type of middlebrows seeking for security behind fences and suppression, we saw the increase of all despicable things said or written by venal pity reporters on “the distinction between refugees and immigrants” – voting for the deportation of the latter – or other ridiculous things, such as “barbaric jihandists massively landing onto the Greek islands dressed like refugees”. Is there anybody who actually believes that the groups behind the terrorist attacks in the heart of the western metropolis do not have a better way of entering a state like Greece? Or is there anybody holding the delusion that if Greece becomes the target of the Islamists, the fence in Evros or the coastguard pigs of the Aegean will protect it?

To all the above mentioned, the only thing we respond is that their wage is worth it, because they manage to dehumanize a large section of society. They should bear in mind, however, that all the rest, those fighting for dignity and freedom, those standing with the suppressed and against all kind of injustice, feel their rage grow.

… not a single word about the fences.

The fence in Evros is the main cause for the drownings of so many people in the Mediterranean, though it is not the only one. It is merely the first one these people meet on their way. A bunch of other countries in Central and Eastern Europe, operating as Germany’s puppets, built up a series of walls during the last months. The German state, as leading country in the EU, is burdened with the biggest part of the responsibility for creating the refugees’ crisis in the first place. Now that the consequences of its interventions (either as part of NATO or the EU) in the Middle East have reached its doors, the way it chooses to deal with the problem, shows all the cynicism and profanity someone would expect: during the first two years of the civil war in Syria, Germany ignored ostentatiously the problem of the flows of refugees. In continuation, when the situation became crucial, using the proper media propaganda, Germany tried to establish for itself the profile of “good and hospitable” superpower that welcomes refugees with fanfares and drumbeats. So, after “welcoming” as many refugees as there were needed for its own purposes (such as working at the German railways for 1 euro per hour), Germany decided that there is no room for more and blocked its borders. Immediately after that, a series of other fences began to show up at the same time when Europe is funding FRONTEX with extra almost half billion euros.

And on the top of that, on Sunday 9th November, we heard Schaeuble stating shamelessly that we are spoiling the refugees and saw him pointing his finger to those who show too much solidarity, because they “give the wrong message”.

Of course, it is not the first time something like that happens. For those having the minimal historical memory, parallelism with the past is persistent. Izmir 1922, Palestine 1992, Rwanda 1994, Aegean Sea 2015. The list is unfortunately much longer, while the differences among the cases are only superficial. In all the above cases, as in so many others in the past, the concept was the same: the so-called “great powers’, operating like pimps, caused a chaos to countries or whole regions of the planet, and then, when social collapse or refugee flows came as a result, they washed their hands of the problem.

Towards these criminals and hypocrites stand all these who are worth to be called humans. All these people who have been doing for months what is humanly possible to dress, feed, house people. This summer, for example, when hundreds of families of refugees were piled up in Pedion tou Areos, while the official mechanism of the state was lying in the beach and the government of SYRIZA was sleeping the sleep of the just. Of course, we are not referring to the mass of state-subsidised NGOs, who came to the rescue, while they were actually after the fat funds by the EU, or to the extortionists selling e.g. 3 euros a bottle of water, 5 euros charging a mobile phone, 20-30 euros a blanket in bad condition etc. We are referring instead to those who even today, in the heart of winter, abandoned their comfort and travelled to Lesbos, Leros and Kalymnos. Along with them, all the locals, who opened up their house doors, shared their food and shut their ears off the Nazi dirt presenting damaged people as the ultimate evil.

We stand together with these people, against the criminals and hypocrites. So, in our effort to point out the criminal responsibilities of the EU and more specifically these of the German state, we did the least we could do: we invaded the German ambassador’s residence.




Anarchist group “Rouvikonas”


Translated by: Chrysanthi Partsanaki

Μετάφραση: Χρυσάνθη Παρτσανάκη



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